Embrace a world of unique experiences at NOVEL RiNo, where we go beyond a mere location – we curate a collection of retail offerings that pulsate with the distinctive and electric energy of our surroundings. Join us as we redefine the retail landscape, showcasing products that echo the one-of-a-kind vibe of NOVEL RiNo. Explore the possibilities below and be part of the NOVEL RiNo experience!

Corvus Coffee 

We are thrilled to introduce Corvus Coffee Roasters at our community. At Corvus, every cup tells a story - of exploration, discovery, and the relationships we've built with farmers in the furthest reaches of the earth. Our life's work is to share their stories of exceptional craft and perseverance with you through excellent coffee. 

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Coming Soon:

Magna Kainan

Magna Kainan is an upscale, woodfired approach to Filipino fare. It will serve woodfired smoked meats, seafood, and classic Filipino dishes like Pancit Palabok, a noodle dish with shrimp sauce, and Lumpia, a Filipino version of fried egg rolls. 

Coming Soon:


Bodega reinvents the everyday corner store, blending the scrappy nostalgia of a neighborhood joint with the quality ingredients and innovation. From your favorite sandwich to cocktails or mocktails, Bodega serves up locally-inspired eats for breakfast, brunch + lunch.

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Portable Tenant Screening Reports (PTSR): 1) Applicant has the right to provide NOVEL RiNo with a Portable Tenant Screening Report (PTSR) that is not more than 30 days old, as defined in § 38-12-902(2.5), Colorado Revised Statutes; and 2) if Applicant provides NOVEL RiNo with a PTSR, NOVEL RiNo is prohibited from: a) charging Applicant a rental application fee; or b) charging Applicant a fee for NOVEL RiNo to access or use the PTSR.

Denver Rental License # 2023-BFN-0034565
We charge $35 per apartment and a $300 refundable pet deposit. Breed restrictions apply, see agent for full policy.